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Customizable wristband USB flash drive. Portable and easy to use with custom printing on the elastic wristband body. USB flash drive at the braclet end clasps to create a wearable, portable, and unique branded USB flash drive wristband.  

Preview shown is meant to showcase general custom printing location and approximate size. 

PMS color match is available on most USB flash drives for additional charge. 

Please contact Your Memory Stix with custom color requests or any other questions. 

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Product Description

The Standard USB flash drive wristband is the classic model of USB flash drive wristbands.

This item stays clasped reliably while the wearer goes about their business with your logo displayed on their arm. Never worry about losing your data when you’ve got it wrapped around yourself for safe keeping or quick access to important files. In just a second or two, the flash drives snaps from wearable to plugged in and back again, making them great for trade events, conventions, and other high mobility occasions.

The Standard wristbands are available in a variety of popular colors to complement your logo artwork. The rubberized band doesn’t get caught and serves an important protective role in keeping the enclosed USB drive safe from liquids and other elements. From school events to family reunions to business promotions, there’s always a reason to have a beautifully personalized bracelet around, giving you quick access to the files that are important to you.

Your Memory Stix products are a handy tool for small businesses, trade shows, and corporate events. We can load any files up to 8 gigs onto your bulk flash drives such as software demos, flash promotions, presentations, video clips, and PDF product brochures.

Wristband USB flash drives have endless promotional and marketing purposes in an elegant and durable USB flash drive. Use USB flash drive wristbands to get your brand and data out to potential clients to help grow your business.